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About Maria

She has made a career out of successfully guiding her clients towards achieving their real estate dreams. A Certified Buyers Representative with over 14 years of dedicated experience and success in the industry, Maria Seremetis offers her clients unparalleled service to assist in one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime, a home.


Books Authored By Maria Seremetis

Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To Know

It’s true! Every day homes sell for WAY less than they should. It makes me cringe to see how many mistakes people make when selling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you’re a buyer. However, if you’re a seller every mistake can cost thousands of dollars.

For decades, wealthy homeowners have been selling homes the right way. Think about it for a minute… 

Affluent sellers do what it takes to get top dollar for their homes. Normal sellers don’t seem to take selling as seriously (I have no clue why?) and normally don’t do what is necessary to get top dollar.

In my book, Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To Know, I break down what affluent home sellers do differently. I reveal their strategies, secrets, tips, and much more. I’ll also show you how to use them when selling your home.


I am giving away 500 books for FREE. Why am I giving it away? It is because I know that the strategies revealed in my book can make you enough extra money to send your kid to college, buy a new car, or do a nice remodel on your next home.  THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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SOLD! - How To Sell Homes Others Couldn’t Sell

Why do some homes seem to never sell? 

There are a lot of reasons, but each one of them can be solved with the right tools and methods. Yes the price is the first thing to look at, but many times it’s the other variables that make the biggest difference. 

Do not simply drop the price in an effort to get it off the market. In this book I’m going to walk you through how to market it better (online, with MLS and improve on your showings), signs that your agent is hurting the process and even the best negotiating strategies. 

Just because it could be an extended situation, where the house has been sitting on the market, do not resort to drastically lower prices to sell. 

Get a copy of my book FREE for a limited time and I guarantee that you will find it full of valuable strategies for getting your home sold for more money faster.

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